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Our group is well established in Gujarat state having presence in many domains like manufacturing, construction, quarry and agriculture. It is pride to mention about our highly equipped 'Construction Division' created bright elegance in construction activities of air port, railway, water supply, roads, building etc. Considering our social responsibility we have developed and set up our 'Sandal Research Centre' to help farmers move towards farming of Sandalwood plant and convert efforts into efficient yield for agriculture division. Our Castor division focuses on manufacturing of Castor Oil derivatives and has developed its brand image over the years in the lubrication and cosmetic industries.

Our group is backed by highly qualified competent technical teams including Metallurgy Ph.D. from IIT. Our research center team quest continuously till the fruitful yield leads in world class quality product and developing perfection in process facilities/system of manufacturing.

Our Crucible manufacturing technique, process facilities, recipes are studied and developed in our research centre after long efforts which leads in benefiting the customer to have crucible having property of longer life, greater output, least fuel consumption and consistency in life.

We believe in providing high quality products with continuos customer satisfaction. Apart from the quality process followed to manufacture the crucibles our team is continuosly working to improve the quality of crucibles.

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