A crucible is a refractory container used for metal melting and its production which can withstand high temperatures required to melt the metal, without itself being melted.


Metal is the basic need of human being since as far back as ancient people. Ancient Egyptians were using simple clay base Crucible for Metal Melting which was efficient discovered refractory at that time. Day by day the developments in refractory & ceramics contributed the innovations in efficient crucible manufacturing and metal melting practices. Today, the technique is well developed to manufacture the crucible which is cost efficient & giving longer expected life.

Modern day crucibles

Today, Crucible is being manufactured with highly automated & efficient machineries with modern, advance technique under competent experienced expertise. The 'rigorous Quality Testing' is being carried out with modern testing machines. Obliviously, the different crucibles are being used for different metals & metal alloys like Brass, Copper, gun Metal, aluminium, bronze, Zinc, zinc oxide, silver, gold, kalaya etc. Furnaces are of different type like oil fired furnace, coal fired furnace, Electrical furnace, induction furnace, Gas fired furnace, diesel fired furnace.

Speciality of our crucibles:

Powerful Resistance to stresses

i.e. Thermal Shock developed during rapid uneven changes in temperature. Our crucible withstand stably in such condition due high quality material like silicon Carbide & Graphite.

Powerful Resistance against Oxidation

Material like Graphite can get oxidized at high temperature; it may lead loss of thermal conductivity.

Remarkable Resistance to Erosion

Inside wall of Crucible can get 'Erode' due to continuous charging solid metals and molten metal, Strength of Silicon carbide and other material in Crucible boost hardness against Erosion.

High Resistance against Alkaline Chemical Attack

Alkaline Fluxes being use for light alloys which forms corrosive slag, the attack of chemical resist by our inert carbon content material like Graphite and silicon carbide.

Superior Conductivity

Property of conductivity of our material benefits the constant melting speed leads in consistent output/ heats per day. Our virgin best quality material performs the consistent result.

Minimum fuel Consumption

Oxidizing of Crucible day by day consume the fuel more than desire. Our Crucible help in consistency of melting speed which benefits the least consumption of fuel.

Minimum Metal Loss

Metal loss depends upon the oxidation rate and melting time. Our materials conductive property help in constant melting speed prevent the utmost metal losses.

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