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Strongly Inspired

'Royal Group' inspired the power to move on wheel of time to catch the success with help of recent advance technology of crucible manufacturing.

Huge Development

Over the period of time, the huge development of science in ceramic line & metallurgical processes poured the very efficient technique, technology in metal melting & Crucible manufacturing.

Deep Research

'Royal Group' contributed in research & develop the efficient technique of Resin Bonded Silicon Carbide Crucible manufacturing which ensure the real advantage in terms of optimizing cost efficient benefits in metal melting.

Effective Performance

The recent research on ceramics, Carbon bond, clay, refractory, glass & high temperature resistance powders boost the key effect to influence the performance of Crucible.

Royal Crucible

'Royal Crucible Pvt. Ltd.'from Royal Group Located in western India at Gujarat State manufactures Resin Bonded Silicon carbide Crucible of all varieties, different sizes & shapes for different metals & metal alloys like Brass, Copper, Gun Metal, Aluminium, Bronze, Zinc, Zinc Oxide, Silver, Gold etc.

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